Apparently 75 quid isn't good enough for the pomp-rockers this year...

Chances of The Darkness playing this year’s GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL are looking slim after it was claimed the band would want £1million to play.

The figure is a far cry from the £75 they were paid to play their Friday morning opening set last year.

Today festival organiser Michael Eavis told the Daily Mirror: “It’s incredible how much things change in a year.”

“When we booked them last year they were just a pub band no-one had heard of. We paid them £75 but they were thrilled to be given the opportunity.”

Since the appearance, which was seen to kick-start the band’s massive run of success, their album ‘Permission To Land’ has sold 1.2million copies in the UK alone. Yet Glastonbury’s good-causes remit means the festival does not pay its performers such inflated prices as other festivals.

A source close to The Darkness told the newspaper: “To play Glastonbury this year, they’d want £1million. The way they see it, they’d worked long and hard to get where they are and feel entitled to make the most of their success.”