The sacked bassist claims he co-wrote the new album - but the band say he won't feauture at all...

The Darkness say their new album will not feature any of ex-bass player FRANKIE POULLAIN’s parts – even though he claims to have co-written it.

Poullain broke the silence surrounding his shock departure earlier this week when he told NME.COM that he was in fact sacked from the band in March. He went on to say “the second album is incredible. Co-written by Justin, Dan and myself, I’m convinced it is destined to be a huge success.”

Now the band have issued a statement pointing out that the bass on the new record will be played by guitarist Dan Hawkins, as Poullain “had yet to participate in the recording of the album when his exit from the band was announced, so no re-recording of bass parts will be necessary”.

The statement on the band’s official website added, “We are sorry to see him (Frankie) go but musical differences are musical differences. The mood in the camp is optimistic. We are coming to terms with the fact that Frankie is no longer in the band.”

The band have now left the Welsh studio they were based in for the past few months and have moved to a London studio to complete Dan’s guitar parts and singer Justin Hawkins’ vocals.

The record will contain string arrangements by Paul Buckmaster, famous for his work with Miles Davis, Rolling Stones.

One track also features a sitar used by the [url=]Rolling Stones legend Brian Jones.