And, if rumours are to be believed, there’ll be some all-star mates involved too…

The Darkness are set to team up with ASH and Har Mar Superstar to create a supergroup called WHITE SLAVE, according to press reports.

Although the band currently lack a full-line-up, Ash bassist Mark Hamilton has revealed that singer Tim Wheeler is already getting very excited about the project.

Hamilton said: “Tim’s been talking with Justin and The Darkness about putting together this new band called White Slave. The Darkness’s gonna sing and Tim and Justin are gonna be duelling guitarists. They’re still trying to find a drummer at the minute, as well as a bass player.”


He added: “Would I do it? Nah, it all sounds a bit Spinal Tap for me.”

As previously reported on NME.COM, The Darkness’ Hawkins spoke about White Slave at a press conference shortly before their headlining performance at this year’s Carling Weekend: Reading festival (August 27).

The guitarist however, remained tight-lipped, saying: “I would prefer not to speak of that matter at this exact time. I want to concentrate on my side project, The Darkness.”

Despite the solo careers of Ash’s guitarist Charlotte Hatherley and Wheeler’s involvement with White Slave, Hamilton revealed that he and drummer Rick McMurray would be keeping themselves busy with their own side-project.

He told Xfm: “Rick and me are planning on putting together a Satanic metal band called The Goat Of Mendez. Basically it’s all really, really full on Death Metal… with just goat vocals.”

Ash will be supporting The Darkness on their forthcoming arena tour, which kicks off at Nottingham Arena on November 24.


The dates are:

Nottingham Arena (November 24)

Glasgow SECC Arena (26)

Newcastle Metro Radio Arena (29)

Manchester MEN Arena (December 1)

Sheffield Hallam FM Arena (4)

Cardiff International Arena (6)

Birmingham NEC Arena (7)

London Wembley Arena (10, 11 & 12)

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