The Darkness' singer claims to have had "one of the worst cases in medical history"...

JUSTIN HAWKINS has had his throat surgery to correct acid reflux and has said his recovery is coming along well.

As revealed on NME.COM the vocalist recently revealed his plans to go under the knife to correct a recurring heartburn problem.

Hawkins has now revealed full details of the operation. He said: “I had a hiatus hernia and acid reflux. Basically, there’s a sphincter inside your throat, as well as up your bottom. It’s supposed to control how much acid is let up into your throat.

“But mine was broken so my stomach was spitting acid into the throat. It was literally burning my voice up.”

Justin told The Sun newspaper that his condition was “one of the worst in medical history”.

He continued: “Doctors stuck a tube down my nose to measure the acidity. 3% is norrmal. They operate at 12%. But I clocked up a whopping 82%. It was one of the worst cases in medical history. I was taking indigestion tablets to stop it. But they weren’t working so I had to go through with the procedure.”

Because the condition has been operated on, The Darkness will still be able to make their appearances at this year’s summer festivals, which includes slots at T In The Park and Carling Weeknd: Reading and Leeds.