The LP 'Permission To Land' continues to climb the chart - despite the band likening themselves to rabies...

The Darkness are continuing their assault on America, despite likening themselves to rabies.

At the end of last week, the band saw their debut album ‘Permission To Land’ jump 81 places to Number 92 in the Billboard charts, and this week the LP has rocketed to 39.

Justin Hawkins said: “It’s like the three stages of rabies. First people fear us, then they start foaming at the mouth because they want us. And then they start attacking other people.”


The Darkness are also planning to capitalise on their continuing success Stateside by playing a North American tour – due to kick off on March 24 before winding up on April 18. The spandex clad rockers will then return in the summer to continue the jaunt.

Hawkins said: “The only British bands that have made an impact here are the ones that toured relentlessly. And we’ve already made an impact having played about ten shows.”

Bassist Frankie Poullain added: “We’re looking forward to hitting the Midwest… places like Pittsburgh that helped define rock music.”

According to MTV News, The Darkness remained unfazed by criticism that they are too English too succeed in America.

“I think rock is a nation in itself. It is one of the few genres that can transcend the cultural boundaries mankind puts in place,” Hawkins explained.

“If you say certain parts of America are different animals to other ones, if you have a blunderbuss it’s gonna hurt whether it’s a weevil or an elephant. It’s gonna hurt and it’s gonna make some damage,” he added.


The band’s second US single ‘Growing On Me’ will be released around the same time that the band hit the road.

“You haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg,” Hawkins claimed. “It’s the tip of the tip. It’s like a snowflake atop the iceberg. … The question is how many snowflakes does it take to build an iceberg? And only the Lord above can answer that because he’s the one who makes them.”