The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins hospitalised with chemical burns after freak accident

Hawkins' shorts melted onto his skin after he became covered in toxic pool chemicals

The Darkness‘ Justin Hawkins has revealed how he was rushed to hospital recently after his shorts melted onto his skin in a freak accident.

The singer and guitarist was covered in toxic pool chemicals after an attempt to fix the swimming pool at his home in Switzerland went wrong.

He had to undergo emergency treatment, and he’s now opened about the painful accident in a video on celebrity message service Cameo.


Hawkins said: “There was a problem with the pool, a pump thing and some chemicals came out of it. I think it was a PH negative chemical to control the acidity of the pool.

“I was trying to fix it and I touched my legs and my shorts melted onto my legs, so then I had to go to hospital.”

Hawkins is believed to have made a full recovery after the incident.

Pool chemicals, such as chlorine and muriatic acid, can cause severe burns if they are not properly handled.

Hawkins was at home in Switzerland when he was injured. He moved to the country in 2015 and is currently living under lockdown with his wife and daughter, with The Darkness’ US tour delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Last year, Hawkins opened up on his admiration for Greta Van Fleet after the US rockers experienced comparisons to The Darkness.

“They could be the next phase of what Led Zeppelin should have been doing,” Hawkins said. “There’s nothing wrong with adopting classic rock choreography and clothes, but you have to kick on from there.”