Dolf will do anything in the name of rock...

The Datsuns’ singer DOLF DE DATSUN has been hospitalised during the video shoot for the band’s new single ‘BLACKEN MY THUMB’.

The band have been shooting a video for the clip, which is the first to be taken from their highly anticipated second album ‘Outta Sight / Outta Mind’, released on June 7.

A spokesperson for the band told NME.COM the singer fell during filming, split his head, and has had to have stitches.

She said: “There was blood everywhere. It was like a zombie movie or something!”

Speaking recently to NME, De Datsun said: “It’s pretty rock and roll. It’s a big sounding record – really punchy and a bit of a departure from the first one. It goes from really hard rock and then there’s waltzes and different timings.”

Tracks that will appear on the album include ‘Girl’s Best Friend’, ‘Cherry Lane’, ‘I Got No Words’, ‘Messin’ Around’, ‘You Can’t Find Me’, ‘What I’ve Lost’ and ‘Don’t Come Knocking’.

Dolf added: “It’s a lot groovier than the first record. The first one was very foot to the floor and quite full on whereas this one has a lot more groove – it’s a lot more danceable.”