The follow-up to their rockin' debut could have - wait for it - some slow songs in there...

The Datsuns have revealed details of the follow-up to their 2002 self-titled debut album which and could see the band moving in a new direction when they go into the studio in September.

Live favourites ‘Cherry Lane’, ‘Messin’ Around’, and ‘Girl’s Best Friend’, are amongst the dozen songs already written, and the New Zealand rockers are currently choosing where to record.

“There’s a bunch of residential studios outside London where you can live and hang out and just make records and not worry about what’s going on,” frontman Dolf Datsun said. “We’re (also) thinking about going to Stockholm, I think that sounds fantastic. It’s a beautiful city, but it has distractions.”


On the possible new direction, Dolf added: “We know we have an audience now – we can be slightly more self-indulgent, and do things that maybe will work better on record than live… like slow songs.”

The Datsuns have also expressed fears that, despite taking to the stage tomorrow (July 19) in Illinois at this year’s Ozzfest – their seventh US tour – they may not be entirely suited on the bill.

They are worried that their skinny T-shirts and flared trousers may look out of place at the festival.

“We are the most faggy band at Ozzfest,” Dolf told Rolling Stone. “Us Nancy-boys got asked to do it. We’ve had some really interesting suggestions for T-shirts to sell at Ozzfest – ‘The Most Hated Band at Ozzfest’, and on the back, “The Datsuns.”