Alison Mosshart says return of The Dead Weather is ‘the best thing ever’

Band will release new album ‘Dodge & Burn’ in September

Alison Mosshart has said that recording The Dead Weather’s new album was a “joy”, adding that “it feels so good” to be back with new music.

The band, made up of Mosshart alongside Jack White, Dean Fertita and Jack Lawrence, will release their third album ‘Dodge & Burn’ on September 25 via White’s own Third Man Records.

Speaking about ‘Dodge & Burn’ to Annie Mac on her Radio 1 show last night (August 17), Mosshart said, “It feels so good to put music out into the world, it’s the best feeling ever. I’m really happy that we have things for people to hear, something new.”


Talking about the recording process Mosshart told Mac that, “It’s really easy and pleasant and enjoyable to be in the studio with these guys and jam and write songs, it happens so naturally, it’s a joy.”

The band recently shared the video for their new song ‘I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)’ on Tidal. Talking about the filming process for the video, Mosshart elaborated, “It was the most fun ever, it really was… a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Beyond the wires was a crane that was, like, five stories above my head, pulling me through the air. It was like I was flying in movies. It was so awesome, I loved it.”

Jordan Hughes/NMENME

The band’s third album will feature eight new songs, as well as the four previously released ones (‘Buzzkill(er)’, ‘It’s Just Too Bad’, ‘Open Up (That’s Enough)’, ‘Rough Detective’), the latter having been remixed and remastered for the new release.

‘I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)’
‘Let Me Through’
‘Three Dollar Hat’
‘Lose The Right’
‘Rough Detective’
‘Open Up (That’s Enough)’
‘Be Still’
‘Mile Markers’
‘Cop And Go’
‘Too Bad’
‘Impossible Winner’