The Dead Weather perform ‘Lose The Right’ in final instructional video – watch

Band released new album 'Dodge & Burn' in September

The Dead Weather perform ‘Lose The Right’ in the final of their series of instructional videos.

The band have promoted new album ‘Dodge & Burn’ with a series of instructional videos hosted by each member of the band. Jacc White did the first one, showing fans how to play drums to their song ”

In this latest video, lead singer Alison Mosshart reveals that she writes song lyrics in a notepad while she drives. The description under the YouTube video reads: “Please note that we don’t necessarily condone her unique method, but we trust her and love the results – a lot.”


After Mosshart has passed on her songwriting tips, the band gather together to play ‘Lose The Right’ together. Watch the video below, now:

Mosshart is working on a new album with her band The Kills, a contributing factor to the fact The Dead Weather will not tour ‘Dodge & Burn’. Similarly, guitarist Dean Fertita is busy recording a new Queens of the Stone Age album.

Having issued a series of seven-inch singles over the past couple of years, the group released third full-length ‘Dodge And Burn’ on September 25 via White’s own Third Man Records.

The album features eight new songs, as well as the four previously released songs (‘Buzzkill(er)’, ‘Too Bad’, ‘Open Up (That’s Enough)’, ‘Rough Detective’), the latter having been remixed and remastered for the new release. The band released their second album ‘Sea Of Cowards’ in 2010, which followed 2009 debut ‘Horehound’.