The Dead Weather’s touring absence is in part due to QOTSA “starting up again”

The Dead Weather shows won't fit schedules, QOTSA's Dean Fertita explains

The Dead Weather have revealed that they’re not touring because of scheduling difficulties – with Dean Fertita explaining that Queens Of The Stone Age are on their way back.

In an interview with Billboard, guitarist Fertita – also of QOTSA – was asked about The Dead Weathers’ notable absence of shows following the release of third album ‘Dodge and Burn’.

He responded: “Schedules. The Kills are working on a record, Queens of the Stone Age are starting up again. City and Colour is starting up soon. Jack’s just been going forever so he just needs a minute. We all would love to play. Obviously, it’s our favorite thing in the world to play together. Maybe some day, but immediate future, it’s not happening.”


Fertita goes on to say the band would love to tour the album if it weren’t for the conflict, with frontwoman Alison Mosshart adding: “Do you know how many records we could write in a couple years? I’m glad this music’s out there; it’s very hard to plan far ahead. There’s much going on and we’re all so busy.”


In the same interview, bassist Jack Lawrence talked about the band’s recording style, noting in particular that the record has a lot of mistakes on it, as well as talking about Third Man’s studios in Nashville.

He said: “The studio is definitely a fifth member of the band. You play off what you’re given. I don’t think a lot of people know about bleed in recording. So, we all record in one room together; most studios are separate. There are guitar amps in one room, there’s a bass amp in one room and the drums are in the middle. So, if you wanna pull down everything and leave the drums in, you can still hear guitar on it. So, when we’re recording and mixing you can’t just punch in. You have to use what’s there. This record has tons of mistakes on it. When you listen to music now it’s perfect, because people are making it perfect.”

Queens of the Stone Age haven’t released an album since 2013’s ‘… Like Clockwork’, and announced they are “taking a break” through bassist Michael Shuman back in March. They’ve played just two live shows this year.