Decemberists in talks with Green Day director to write musical

Band have been talking to man behind 'American Idiot'

The Decemberists are in talks with the director of Green Day‘s American Idiot musical about the possibility of writing their own.

Vocalist Colin Meloy said that he has been repeatedly asked to get involved in writing one over the years, and that now he’d entered talks about getting one done.

“People are constantly asking me to write musicals – it’s the cross that I bear,” Meloy told Billboard, adding that he “would love to write a musical”.


The band have held talks with Michael Mayer, the director behind Green Day‘s stage musical American Idiot. “We’re still talking (in the band),” the frontman said, “and there’s potential for a musical down the line, for sure.”

The group certainly have a taste for narrative in their songs. Their last album, 2009’s ‘The Hazards Of Love’, told the story of Margaret, a woman who is sexually assaulted by a shape-shifting fawn and abducted by a villain known only as The Rake. 2006’s ‘The Crane Wife’ was a re-telling of a Japanese folk tale.

The Decemberists‘ new album ‘The King Is Dead’ is out on January 17. New single ‘Down By The Water’ is available to download from now.

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