The Distillers split up

Brody Dalle reveals her brand new band

Brody Dalle‘s punk band The Distillers have split up.

Formed in 1998, The Distillers produced three albums.

Since the release of their last LP ‘Coral Fang’ in 2003, the band has seen the departure of drummer Andy Granelli and bassist Ryan Sinn, while, in 2006, Brody Dalle gave birth to a daughter, fathered by her partner Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age.

Sinn has since joined ex-Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge’s Angels And Airwaves.

Meanwhile, Dalle and guitarist Tony Bradley have announced the formation of a new band, however, called Spinnerette.

Though details are yet to be confirmed, other members of Spinnerette, alongside Dalle and Bradley, are reported to be ‘Wizard A’ and Jon T Bonerham.

Their MySpace profile cites influences including My Bloody Valentine, Black Flag and Roky Erickson.