The Distillers split with another member

Bassist Ryan Sinn has left, but a spokesperson insists the band are still going…

Distillers have split with bassist RYAN SINN.

Sinn recently posted a message on his MySpace page announcing his departure from the group and also claimed that the band are no more.

He said: “Well, I’m no longer part of the life I knew so recently. Distillers are no more and it feels like a weight has been lifted. However, I’ll never get rid of the disgust inside from it all.”

Drummer Andy Granelli also left the group – led by frontwoman Brody Dalle – in February of this year, saying: “I have officially quit Distillers… I will miss everyone very much… I am going to miss Brody and Tony and Ryan very much.”

However a statement from the band’s management insists that Distillers are continuing, stating: “The band is not breaking up but there’s been a little movement of the members (both loss and gain).”

They added: “Brody is working on the new album and the band still exists.”