SIMPLY DIVINE gets the lowdown from Neil Hannon himself...

THE DIVINE COMEDY start recording their new album today (July 3) in LONDON with Travis and RADIOHEAD producer NIGEL GODRICH, and hope to release a new single by the autumn.

Speaking exclusively to backstage following Radiohead‘s performance at the London Royal Festival Hall on Saturday (July 1), vocalist Neil Hannon revealed he had written approximately 20 songs on acoustic guitar for the new record. He said: “We’re going in on Monday to start recording. We’ve got tons and tons (of songs), about 20 actually, but I’ve only written them on acoustic. That is unusual because we usually do the lot and then go and record. It’s all very, ‘organic’, you know? Very spontaneous.

“It’s acoustic, but Thom Yorke plays acoustic and it doesn’t end up like that, does it? The great thing is I have no idea what will end up coming out the other end. With any luck it’ll be reasonably original and tuneful!”


Hannon added that the band hope to release a single in autumn, with the album to follow after Christmas.

When asked if the new material had any working titles, Hannon joked that they are “all crap”. He continued: “I have working titles but I’m not going to tell you! There’s one working title which is ‘Waiting For Godrich’, because it’s taken so long to acquire his services, but these aren’t going to make the cut!”

Nigel Godrich is currently one of the most sought after producers in the industry, having worked on the last two Radiohead albums, as well as producing Travis‘The Man Who’.

The Divine Comedy‘s new album will be the follow-up to their 1998 record ‘Fin De Siecle’.