THE DIVINE COMEDY's next single attacks the media feeding-frenzy surrounding the death of Diana, Princess Of Wales...

THE DIVINE COMEDY launch an attack on the media feeding-frenzy surrounding last year’s death of Diana, Princess Of Wales, on the first single taken from their forthcoming album.

Single ‘Generation Sex’ is out on September 14, while the album, ‘Fin De Sihcle’, is released on August 31, coinciding with the first anniversary of Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed’s death in Paris.

In the song, singer Neil Hannon castigates the UK tabloids and their role in the tragedy, as well as the hypocrisy of the British people who blamed the papers for her death, yet still continued to buy them to read about the accident.


The lyrics read: “Lovers watch their backs/There’s hacks in macs/Take snaps/Through telephoto lenses/Chase Mercedes-Benzes/Through the night/A mourning nation weeps and wails/But keeps the sales/Of evil tabloids healthy/The poor protect the wealthy/In this world”.

Hannon is refusing to comment on the song prior to its release. However, a spokeswoman for the band told NME: “It’s a touchy subject, but Neil was never really a big fan of Di, though he was quite shaken up by it at the time. The lyrics just say what he thinks.”

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