The ‘Jim Morrison cave’ in California has been closed indefinitely

Anybody found in the graffiti-covered spot now faces $400 fines

Corral Canyon Cave in California, which is covered in graffiti paying tribute to Jim Morrison and The Doors, has been closed for cleaning and has no set date to reopen.

Speaking about the graffiti, Lindsey Templeton, a supervising ranger with California State Parks, told the LA Times “It’s spreading. It’s really sad … we come in and we hear shaking cans.”

The Doors-themed graffiti has been growing since a rumour emerged via social media last year that the late Doors frontman used to write music in the cave.


Pictures of the cave are all over social media, posted at a rate of “30 or 40 times a day” according to Craig Sap, the California State Parks district superintendent.

See fan pictures of the ‘Jim Morrison cave’ below:

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Before the wave of multicoloured graffiti lined the walls, there were reportedly Native American cave paintings inside.

Plans the clean the cave by blasting it with walnut shells, which will preserve the walls but clear the paint, are now underway. The process will cost around $40,000 says Sap.

The cave is closed and no date has been set for it to be open to the public again as yet. Anyone who does enter the closed-off area will be subject to a $400 fine, and anyone found painting the cave will be charged an amount in the thousands, as well as facing felony charges.