Documentary of The Doors frontman Jim Morrison goes into production

'Before The End: Jim Morrison Comes Of Age' will examine his early life

A new documentary about The Doors singer Jim Morrison has gone into production.

Film-makers Z-Machine announced they have started work on Before The End: Jim Morrison Comes Of Age, which will give a look into the life of the late singer, examining his early years through to his death in July 1971, aged 27.

As reported by Before The End will feature interviews with Morrison’s family and friends, including his brother Andy Morrison and the band’s roadie Gareth Blyth, as well as previously unseen home movies and photographs. No release date for the film has been set as yet.

Morrison died in Paris in 1971 in complicated circumstances. Due to French law, as no foul play was suspected at the time of his death, no autopsy was carried out. This has led to many conspiracy theories and contradictory stories around his death, which was ruled as an overdose. It’s thought he snorted heroin, believing to be cocaine, a story backed up by those present at the time.

Morrison and The Doors have been the subject of numerous documentaries already. The most recent, Mr Mojo Risin’: The Story Of LA Woman, a film about the band’s final album with Morrison, was released January 2012.

The Doors released six albums before Morrison’s death in 1971, their self-titled debut, ‘Strange Days’, ‘Waiting For The Sun’, ‘The Soft Machine’, ‘Morrison Hotel’ and ‘LA Woman’.