‘Jim Morrison’s ghost climbed into my bed’, North Virginia woman claims

Rhonda Baron claims Doors frontman’s ghost lives in her house

A woman from Arlington, North Virginia has claimed that the ghost of The Doors singer Jim Morrison lives in her house and regularly gets into bed with her.

Rhonda Baron lives in a house on 28th Street in Arlington, which Morrison also lived in as a child. She has claimed the singer’s ghost visits her regularly, telling Washington TV station WUSA9 TV: “I was lying in bed. The spirit lay down on the bed beside me on his back, and turned and looked at me. It was like a haze, you could look through it.”

Baron added that she believed Morrison‘s ghost haunted her room because he was an unhappy soul which was looking for somewhere he was happy as a child.

Although Morrison died in 1971 in Paris of a reported drug overdose there are many theories surrounding his death, with many fans believing he faked his demise and is still alive today.