John Densmore says he wants "clarity, not deception"...

Former DOORS drummer JOHN DENSMORE is trying to stop his ex-bandmates from using the name “THE DOORS” at their reformation gig in LOS ANGELES this week.

Densmore has accused former members, keyboard player Ray Manzarek and guitarist Robbie Krieger, of breach of copyright, trademark infringement and unfair competition in using the moniker for their “reunion” gig – which has Ian Astbury of [a][/a] on vocals and Stewart Copeland from The Police on drums.

He told “The Doors” are Jim, John, Ray and Robbie. I don’t care if they call themselves ‘former members of The Doors“,’ ‘the Hinges’ or ‘the Windows.’ I just want clarity. I don’t want deception.”


Densmore said he could have pulled an injunction and had the gig stopped, or demanded half the money along with dead singer Jim Morrison’s estate, but opted instead to give them the chance to alter their name. He did not rule out heavier legal action if they don’t comply, however.

Manzarek and Krieger had invited the drummer to join them when they started performing again in 2001, with a rotating group of singers including Astbury, Scott Wieland and Scott Stapp lending vocals on a TV special. When they played again last year, Densmore declined, citing tinnitus, but now says that he doesn’t feel comfortable doing Doors songs without Morrison.

The remaining Doors had altered the name slightly, adding “for the 21st Century” on the end, but still used the old Doors typeface, which Densmore felt was unacceptable.

He added: “No disrespect to Ian and Stewart,” he says, “these are great musicians. But that show made sense to me: Six guys taking turns singing as a tribute to Jim. But one guy doing the whole night filling Jim’s leather pants? Sorry. There’s Doors cover bands in every major city.”

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