Rare 1969 tracks surfaces alongside reissued studio recordings...

A never-before-heard song by THE DOORS – entitled ‘Woman Is A Devil’ – is included in a bonus CD with ‘The Complete Studio Recordings’ boxed set just released by Elektra Records.

‘Essential Rarities’ culls 15 tracks from their 1997 boxed set of rare and unreleased tracks. ‘Woman Is A Devil’ was recorded at Elektra Studios in 1969 as part of the sessions for ‘Morrison Hotel’; it was recorded at the same time as the 16 minute drunken jam entitled ‘Rock Is Dead’ that was included in the 1997 boxed set.

‘The Complete Studio Recordings’ includes all the studio albums:


‘The Doors’ ‘Strange Days’ ‘Waiting For The Sun’ ‘The Soft Parade’ ‘Morrison Hotel’ ‘LA Woman’

It also includes ‘Essential Rarities’. The 60 page booklet which accompanies the set includes some never before seen photos of Jim Morrison and The Doors, mostly from session for album covers.

Meanwhile, Celebration Of The Lizard, a stage musical based on the words and music of Jim Morrison is set to open at the San Diego Repertory Theater in May 2000. Produced with the co-operation of Doors keyboards player and ‘keeper of the flame’ of the band’s legacy, it’s set in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles in the next century.

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