Founding members of The Doors to pay tribute to Ray Manzarek

John Densmore and Robbie Krieger discuss plans to play together following the keyboardist's death

Following The Doors‘ legendary keyboardist Ray Manzarek’s death on May 20, founding members John Densmore and Robbie Krieger have spoken out about the possibility of playing a tribute gig for their late bandmate.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Densmore revealed the pair’s plans, stating that they had said: “Let’s play some Doors songs at the Whisky or Wiltern. There’s a lot of great musicians in L.A. that we know and love and admire the band. I’d like to break the ice that way.” Densmore also opened up about meeting with Manzarek during his last months, explaining that “the inner circle knew Ray had cancer for a while. Then I heard he was really sick and called him. He said thank you for the prayers and told me chemo was fucked. So there was a closing, thank God.”

This amicable reunion follows a lengthy period of tension between the remaining members of the iconic 60s group, who have reportedly been at loggerheads for the last ten years over the legacy of the band and the licensing of The Doors’ music in adverts. The story has recently been put into print in Densmore’s 2013 book The Doors: Unhinged.

Following Manzarek’s passing, a host of musicians have also come out to pay tribute to the musician including Billie Joe Armstrong, Slash and Krist Novoselic. Slash wrote: “The Doors represent the LA sound to me. It was the 1st band I remember hearing when I came from England; “Light my fire,” I’ll never forget”, whilst Novoselic tweeted: “Thanks for the great music Ray Manzarek!”

Manzarek’s family have requested that any memorial donations be made to