Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer run over in Belfast

Singer/pianist plays a gig with a plaster cast

The Dresden Dolls‘ frontwoman Amanda Palmer was run over in Belfast yesterday (September 28), breaking her toe and three metatarsals in her right foot.

The singer/pianist was run over ahead of her solo gig at the Auntie Annie‘s venue. She was taken to Belfast City hospital where she was given crutches to use and her leg was put in a cast.

Palmer played the gig wearing the cast, and performed at the City Hall earlier in the day, where she had organised to play an impromptu show for fans under 18 years of age via MySpace.


“I had an accident today,” Palmer said onstage in Auntie Annie’s. “I did what most stupid Americans do and walked on the wrong side of the road and ended up getting run over.

“I have to say I’m very grateful for the free health care that you have in Northern Ireland. This is the first show I’ve played where I’m completely on drugs.”

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