The Drums release new album teaser – video

Brooklyn band post grainy studio footage and cryptic message online

Brooklyn band The Drums have posted a video on their official website The showing grainy footage of them in sessions for the follow-up to their 2010 self-titled debut.

The clip, which you can watch below, also shows religious imagery, flames and a constant flashing up of the word ‘Portamento’, which could be a hint to the title for the next record.

The word is a musical term which comes from the Italian expression “portamento della voce” (carriage of the voice).

It was known as a vocal slide between pitches in the 17th century but has become more commonly known as a gradual slide from one note to another.

The forthcoming record will be the band’s first without guitarist Adam Kessler, who quit the band last September, and an announcement regarding its release is thought to be happening soon.

The Drums recently recruited two new members – drummer Chris Stein and Violens man Myles Matheny – for their live set-up.