The Drums play first UK gig with new line-up in London

Band play 'I'll Never Drop My Sword' for the first time live

The Drums played their first UK gig with their new live line-up last night (November 24) at London‘s HMV Forum.

Guitarist Adam Kessler left the band in September, with the group recruiting their friend Tom Haslow to step in as a touring member.

Frontman Jonathan Pierce told NME that the band were feeling settled, even with the new live member on board – having already completed a tour of the US and Canada with him.

Tom‘s just stepped right in,” he said. “We’ve known him for years so it wasn’t like we were hiring some stranger or anything. We’ve just done an American tour with him and it felt good, so it’s set us up nicely for this tour here.”

The singer said the band were relishing playing their biggest headline shows to date after making their name playing support slots around the country.

“Every time we’ve toured the UK or Europe it’s always been supporting someone else,” he said. “This time we make the rules! We’ve been playing whatever songs we want, for as long as we want. We really have everything exactly how we want it – which is a first for us.

“Headlining doesn’t necessarily mean we’re coming out of a giant disco ball or anything though. What we’re doing onstage isn’t choreographed as such, but we do make the decision to just let loose, for want of a better phrase. And try to not worry about looking too dignified.”

At the show the band played their single ‘Let’s Go Surfing’ – despite having dropped it from some of their sets recently because they got sick of it. They also played ‘I’ll Never Drop My Sword’, from their self-titled debut album, for the first time live.

They play the venue again tonight (November 25).

The Drums played:

‘Best Friend’
‘Book Of Stories’
‘I Felt Stupid’
‘Make You Mine’
‘Let’s Go Surfing’
‘Me And The Moon’
‘I Need Fun In My Life’
‘Don’t Be A Jerk, Jonny’
‘It Will All End In Tears’
‘Forever And Ever, Amen’
‘Baby, That’s Not The Point’
‘The Future’
‘I’ll Never Drop My Sword’
‘Skippin’ Town’
‘Down By The Water’