The Drums announce new album ‘Encyclopedia’

It will be the band's first album in over three years

The Drums have announced plans for their third album, ‘Encyclopedia’.

The band, now solely consisting of founding members Jonny Pierce and Jacob Graham, will release the followup to 2011’s ‘Portamento’ this Autumn.

“‘Encyclopedia’ is full of magic and surprise while maintaining a serious, more weighty tone throughout,” frontman Jonny Pierce told Spin. “We were feeling very angry, confused and alone when we made this album, and we wanted to be very honest this time around, even if being honest meant making some people uncomfortable. We’ve left the beach for higher ground, always searching for hope.”

The Drums played a short set on the rooftop bar of the Novotel Hotel, New York last night (July 16), just one day after they revealed their new single, ‘Magic Mountain.’

“Playing outdoors, always makes us super nervous,” Pierce told NME before the set. “I don’t know why – especially playing on the rooftop of a hotel. It’s a really intimate set and everyone’s right in front of us. On top of that, this is our first time playing any of these songs, so it’s pressure upon pressure upon pressure. And I’m having an OK hair day…”

The full ‘Encyclopedia’ tracklisting is:

‘Magic Mountain’
‘I Can’t Pretend’
‘I Hope Times Doesn’t Change Him’
‘Kiss Me Again’
‘Let Me’
‘Break My Heart’
‘Face of God’
‘U.S. National Park’
‘Deep in My Heart’
‘Bell Laboratories’
‘There Is Nothing Left’
‘Wild Geese’