The Drums include ‘Let’s Go Surfing’ on debut album after all

Band had planned to leave the single off their record

The Drums said they have decided to include their single ‘Let’s Go Surfing’ on their forthcoming debut album – after initially planning to leave it off the tracklisting.

The fast-rising band originally wanted to omit the fan favourite from the record, which will be self-titled and is released on June 7.

Frontman Jonathan Pierce told NME.COM that the band had a change of heart because they didn’t want to disappoint fans expecting the song.

He said leaving the song off the album would be “like going to see a band live and them missing out the song that got you into them in the first place”.

The tracklisting of ‘The Drums’ will be:

‘Best Friend’
‘Me And The Moon’
‘Let’s Go Surfing’
‘Skippin’ Town’
‘Book Of Stories’
‘Forever And Ever, Amen’
‘Down By The Water’
‘It Will All End In Tears’
‘We Tried’
‘I Need Fun In My Life’
‘I’ll Never Drop My Sword’
‘The Future’

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