The Drums to work with The Shangri-Las’ Mary Weiss

Frontman Jonathan Pierce says she 'seems really excited about it'

The Drums could be set to work with the former lead singer of the The Shangri-Las, Mary Weiss.

The New York-based group, who recently released their self-titled debut album, have revealed that a collaboration with the ’60s girl group singer is in the works.

“A friend and I had this idea to write an album with her [Mary Weiss], so we tracked her down,” frontman Jonathan Pierce told Spinner UK. “Turns out she still lives in New York. We haven’t met her yet, but we’ve spoken on the phone. She seems really excited about it. It’s a really cool thing.”

He added: “We try to write simple, classic pop melodies, that’s what those ’60s girl groups did so well. So it makes sense. This is the thing that I’m most excited about.”

Best known for their 1964 single ‘Leader Of The Pack’, The Shangri-Las spilt in 1968 and Weiss left the music industry to work for an architectural firm, only to return in 2007 with her comeback solo album ‘Dangerous Game’.

Meanwhile, The Drums will play Glastonbury’s Strummerville campfire this weekend and will head out on a tour of the UK in November.