The Drums ‘begin the next chapter’ with rooftop gig in New York

The band previewed third album to fans at Novotel Hotel on Wednesday

The Drums played a short set on the rooftop bar of the Novotel Hotel, New York last night (July 16), just one day after they revealed their new single, ‘Magic Mountain.’

The free gig was held on the L-shaped roof terrace of the Times Square hotel. The band – now solely consisting of founding members Jonny Pierce and Jacob Graham – announced the release of third album ‘Encyclopedia’, there was a queue that stretched around the entire block of the venue way before the duo took to the outdoor stage.

“Playing outdoors, always makes us super nervous,” Pierce told NME before the set. “I don’t know why – especially playing on the rooftop of a hotel. It’s a really intimate set and everyone’s right in front of us. On top of that, this is our first time playing any of these songs, so it’s pressure upon pressure upon pressure. And I’m having an OK hair day…”

Around the corner on the terrace was an art display set up by the band which previewed their record to fans via twelve encyclopaedia volumes each containing one song from the forthcoming album, their first since 2011’s ‘Portamento.’ The band, augmented to a five-piece for the occasion, played six songs in total including older material ‘Days’, ‘Book Of Stories’ and ‘I Need A Doctor’.

“From here on out,” announced Pierce after those three songs, “begins the next chapter of The Drums.” They then proceeded to play three songs from ‘Encyclopedia’, starting with ‘Magic Mountain’ and followed by ‘Change Him’ and ‘Can’t Pretend’.


‘Book Of Stories’
‘I Need A Doctor’
‘Magic Mountain’
‘Change Him’
‘Can’t Pretend’