The Duke Spirit spearhead Pub NME tour

There'll be a jukebox, there'll be beer mats, and there may well be dominoes...

The Duke Spirit are spearheading a unique new NME tour this autumn.

Pub NME is a new concept in gigging, taking our rock’n’roll roadshow to off-the-beaten track towns in a riot of live music and old fashioned British pub culture. There’ll be a jukebox, there’ll be beer mats, and there may well be dominoes.

The Duke Spirit singer Leila Moss told NME.COM: “We live in London now but we all grew up in the middle of Nowheresville, and we were just talking about how there’s so many people in regional places that get ignored and aren’t sort of sanctified by the press. It just felt like an opportunity to play in like the capillaries of England where bands tend to bypass.

“We’re playing places that aren’t necessarily big corporate venues, there’s great venues in England but there’s all sorts of little pub places that you’ll never know about, so we just thought we’d find a handful of them and just put a little bit of Spirit havoc in there really.”

The dates are:

Southampton Dorchester Arms (September 6)

Cheltenham The Hub (7)

Camterbury The Beercart Arms (8!)

Ipswich The Cock and Pye (9)

Coventry The Phoenix (12)

Derby Victoria Inn (13)

Cambridge The Portland Arms (14)

Salisbury The Old Ale House (15)