The Eagles’ Joe Walsh offers drugs advice to Australian government

Guitarist wants to use own addiction experiences to help tackle country's drug problems

The EaglesJoe Walsh has offered his services as a drink and drugs addiction advisor to the Australian government.

The guitarist wants to help Australian Premier of Victoria John Brumby tackle the country’s drug problems, using his own experiences of addiction.

Walsh claims to have been clean and sober for 17 years after battling alcoholism and drug abuse throughout his career.

He apparently decided to kick his habits after visiting Australia and New Zealand in 1994.

“I’d love to speak to leaders and politicians in Melbourne, and around Australia, about addiction,” Walsh told the Herald Sun.

“Addiction is a disease and, with help, people can get back to being responsible members of the community. I hope to give your [Australia’s] leaders that message,” he added.

Having completed a North American tour last week, The Eagles are set to hit the road for dates in Australia in December.