Don Henley and Glenn Frey are sued by sacked guitarist Don Felder...

DON HENLEY and GLENN FREY of THE EAGLES are being sued by sacked guitarist DON FELDER over what he alleges is abuse of authority and unfair treatment.

The Eagles set up a company called The Eagles Ltd in 1974, with Henley, Frey and Felder each controlling a third of the company.

Felder is now seeking liquidation of Eagles Ltd and the group’s assets to be split three ways after he was allegedly told by Henley and Frey that they were terminating his employment last week (February 6) after what he describes as “an invalid and sham board of directors meeting”.

According to Allstar music news in the US, the lawsuit, filed by Felder last Thursday (February 8) at Los Angeles Superior Court against the company and Henley and Frey, claims that they “repeatedly abused their authority and acted unfairly toward Felder and former band members [Randy] Meisner and [Bernie] Leadon. This conduct has, almost without exception, been coupled with constant threats that if Felder did not agree with Henley and Frey, Felder would be ‘thrown out’ of the band.”

It is alleged that they offered to buy his share of the company back in accordance with the original 1974 agreement’s assessment of the band’s value. He also claims to have been denied access to financial information.

The Eagles are among one of the biggest-selling acts in the US, Volume 1 of their Greatest Hits having sold over 24 million copies in the States alone, outselling Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, and is one of the Top Ten biggest selling albums of all time.

A box set was released last November. Don Henley is currently on a solo tour.