The Eagles’ Glenn Frey honoured with street name in Detroit

Frey passed away last month (January 18) at the age of 67

The Eagles‘ late guitarist Glenn Frey will be honoured with a street name in his home city of Detroit.

Glenn Frey Drive will be unveiled next week (February 18) in the Detroit suburb of Royal Oak. It will be situated next to the high school that Frey attended in his youth.

“I don’t think we can come up with a better tribute to one of our most famous residents,” town mayor Jim Ellison told The Detroit Free Press.


Frey passed away last month (January 18) at the age of 67. Following his death, Don Healey described Frey as a “brother” to him.

Members of The Eagles are among the stars set to pay their respects to the late Glenn Frey with a live performance at next week’s Grammy Awards.

The Grammys will host a tribute to Frey during the event this weekend. The 2016 Grammy Awards will take place on February 15 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Eagles members Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, Joe Walsh and Tim Schmit will perform, along with singer-songwriter Jackson Browne. The Eagles’ 1972 hit ‘Take It Easy’ was co-written by both Frey and Browne.

As well as a tribute to Frey, the Grammys will also include a David Bowie tribute performed by Lady Gaga. Gaga’s performance will include “at least three or four” Bowie covers, according to reports.