The Enemy vs Alex Zane: read the radio show transcript

Band and Xfm DJ trade blows on air

The Enemy and Xfm DJ Alex Zane kicked off a war of words today (September 20), which ended with the Coventry band being banned from his show.

The DJ announced that he would not be playing the group’s records on his breakfast show this morning.

Now NME.COM has a transcript from the show and you can read Zane’s take on the feud.

A burst of The Enemy plays, before suddenly stopping.

Alex Zane: “There you go, those seven seconds were the last The Enemy are going to be played on the breakfast show. Why? It’s the first time I’ve done this and I don’t want to do this because I like the music of The Enemy, I like it a lot, and we’ve been big supporters of the band on the breakfast show. We’ve made them record of the week, we’ve talked them up, but I’ve had it now.

“Story goes I did an interview with The Enemy a while ago for a TV show that they didn’t like for no other reason then they didn’t want some of the information broadcast. We cut that information from the interview and they still threw their toys out of the pram and went ‘no, we don’t want it broadcast’. I thought that was a bad start to our relationship but I thought ‘fair enough, we didn’t broadcast the interview, that’s that’. Then I come into Xfm one day and Chris our engineer goes ‘The Enemy were in yesterday, they left you a note. I thought it would be a ‘jovial little thing about the TV show and it will all be fine, after all we pulled the interview’.

“Read the note, it was disgusting, it implied that I’d enjoyed the pleasure of men’s bits to get to a certain stage in my career all because of this one silly interview that wasn’t that bad and they came across well in.

“I thought ‘fair enough, let’s not make a big deal out of it, still a great band, still champion them on the breakfast show’. Then last night I was chatting to one of the band, he was very nice. Let’s say this now, two of the band: lovely! It’s the little frontman Tom who I have a problem with. He basically came up and said some of the most awful things ever. I was just going ‘this cannot be real! It was an interview, you didn’t like it, we pulled it. The research that was done wasn’t my opinion, we were just talking about how much you signed for’ and he said disgusting, offensive, hateful things. So I’m done with them now, I’m done with them! They will no longer be on the breakfast show.

“They will be elsewhere onXfm, I can’t control that. I think if someone can be that rude, offensive and nasty, no matter how good his music is and no matter how nice his bandmates are, I’m done with them.

I just can’t believe it. I don’t get it. I think wishing death upon people in graphic ways is the point where you go ‘do you know what? I can’t even find the humour in this any more, I’m done’. So that’s The Enemy off the breakfast show playlist forever.”

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