The Enemy: ‘We’ll never leave Coventry’

Tom Clarke says he won’t be moving to London like Oasis did

Despite his imminent rise to stardom, Tom Clarke, frontman of The Enemy, has said that his band will never up sticks from their native Coventry.

The statement echoes the stance held by Arctic Monkeys, who despite rising to superstardom still live in their hometown Sheffield. Singer Alex Turner still lives with his parents in the city.

Clarke said of his home city: “As much as we sing about the downsides of the place, we still love it,” he told The Sun. “We would never leave. It’s us. We belong there.”

Traditionally northern bands have made the move to London after making it big, to be closer to music industry HQs and the city’s party scene. Noel Gallagher famously upped sticks from Manchester while living with a girlfriend to head to the capital back in 1994.

Clarke also went on to to reveal how his band secured a management deal. He explained how drummer Liam Watts sneaked onto his boss’s computer when he worked at a Fed-Ex office, knowing her son worked for a music management company.

The drummer noted the son’s e-mail address down, dropped him a line, and the band ended up with the management deal that helped them get signed.