The Enemy on FA Cup Final show: ‘We’re worried about being struck by lightning’

Band will play on Wembley Stadium roof before Chelsea take on Liverpool today (May 5)

The Enemy have spoken about their appearance at tomorrow’s (May 5) FA Cup Final.

The Coventry band will take to the roof of the stadium before the FA Cup final tomorrow with their ‘Talk Of The Terrace’ performance set to be broadcast on ESPN along with the game.

Speaking about their plans for the gig, singer Tom Clarke said that he wasn’t bothered about playing so high up, but was actually more worried about being struck by lightning.

Speaking about the show, Clarke told NME: “I’m not too scared of heights, but I’ve still got no idea what it will feel like when we’re up there. I’m more worried about potential storms and getting hit by lightning. But I think [Enemy bassist] Andy [Hopkins] would take the hit out of the three of us for that.”
The singer also said that he didn’t care whether Liverpool or Chelsea won the game, but that he was “bricking it” with nerves about the show.

Asked which team he’d be backing, Clarke said: “I’m not rooting for either. There’s definitely a lot of hate for Chelsea floating about. I try to follow Coventry when I can but I’m not a massive football head. I’m more bricking it about playing live to about 80 million people.”

The Enemy release their comeback album ‘Streets In The Sky’ on May 21. The Coventry trio recorded the 12-track album with The Bronx‘s Joby Ford. You can watch the video for its first single, ‘Gimme The Sign’, by clicking below.