The Enemy announce split ahead of farewell tour

Coventry band will reveal details of their final live dates on Monday (April 11)

The Enemy have announced they are set to split, confirming the news in a statement in which they cite a lack of media interest as well as health issues as the reason for their disbanding.

The Coventry band formed in 2006, releasing debut album ‘We’ll Live and Die in These Towns’ in 2007 with three more albums following. Their latest LP ‘It’s Automatic’ was released in October 2015.

The band have indicated that they will announce a “farewell tour” on Monday (April 11).


In a statement posted to Facebook, singer Tom Clarke writes: “It’s with a heavy heart that I write this one. Ten years ago in 2006 my two best friends and I stepped into a rehearsal room and The Enemy was born. Over a decade we created four albums and toured them successfully around the world. For a number of reasons the dates we are announcing in 2016 will be the last time we take to the stage as The Enemy, at least for the foreseeable future.”


“A lot happens in ten years. Radio changes, there is without doubt less room for bands on the airwaves these days and whereas once acts used to be able to get their big break on a sixth record, in this climate radio and the media is bored of them by their third, save a very select few. Our last record was to my mind the most complete and indeed the best we made, but radio and the media couldn’t find a place for it despite unwaveringly strong ticket sales from a passionately devoted audience. Sadly funding and releasing records just isn’t possible without support and exposure from radio. This frustrates and saddens me in equal measure. While this is the main reason it has to be said it’s not the only one. Health issues for myself and one of us becoming a proud father are amongst some of the others.”

In 2014, Clarke opened up about mental health problems and suffering from depression as he quit Twitter following a media row.

The band’s statement continues: “10 years, 4 albums, well over 1,000,000 record sales and uncountable sell out tours is not too shabby for an alternative indie band, but these numbers aren’t what makes me proud personally, the fans are. They drove this band, they provided the fire for this decade long journey. I have always loved them and I always will. They’ve kept me going at times when I thought nothing else might. To all Enemy fans, I adore you.”

“As we stand on stage for the last few times on this tour, I’ll be cherishing the last fleeting moments of a decade that has shaped who we all are, bands and fans alike. We all know what we’ll be sharing. Come, bring your hearts, bring your lungs and leave with our songs, take them onto the streets and into your lives and keep them alive for us forever.”

Speaking last year about the band’s new album, Clarke said: “We’ve been working on it for a long time. It’s a fucking great record. It was difficult to make but not in a bad way. To people who are still living in 2007 it’ll be a shock but to us it’s a natural progression.”

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