The Enemy’s Tom Clarke: ‘It looks like we’ll have to save music again’

Singer says 'music in general is fucking appalling at the moment' – and reckons he's the solution

The Enemy‘s Tom Clarke has said that music is “fucking appalling at the moment” and believes it’s up to him and his band to save it.

The singer posted a series of messages on his Twitter account earlier this week (December 23) criticising his peers for failing to be “brave” and making a “great album” to encapsulate the times.

Clarke, who is working on a third album with The Enemy that will be released in 2012, wrote: “Radio and music in general is fucking appalling at the moment.

“Why is nobody brave enough to make a great album? A record that can define a time? That can say what we’re all thinking? Seriously?”

He later added:

People are so out of touch it pains me. I’ve still got the kitchen and bathroom to decorate but looks like we’ll have to save music again.

Clarke, who later said he his messages had been “half in jest”, told NME earlier this year that the follow-up to 2009’s ‘Music For The People’ would see The Enemy return to the more direct sound of their 2007 debut ‘We’ll Live And Die In These Towns’.

The frontman also admitted that the LP would be make or break for the Coventry trio, adding: “This album will be the one that defines where that goes – whether it doesn’t work and we go ‘That’s it’ or we find the sound that drives us forward.”