The Enemy take time off to decorate farm

Tom Clarke says the three-piece are still writing new material

The Enemy‘s Tom Clarke has said the band are to take time off before recording new material.

Although he confirmed the three-piece are still rehearsing at present, Clarke confirmed that fans may have to wait some time before hearing the follow-up to 2009 album ‘Music For The People’ – partly because he’s bought a farm that he’s doing up.

“We’re just taking it easy, taking our time,” Clarke told BBC Newsbeat. “I’ve bought this ridiculous farm and I’m trying to decorate it so I can move in.”

However, he added that he’s had a good burst of songwriting during the band’s recent downtime.

Clarke said: “We’ve not got a tour for a few months and you go, ‘Oh, I’ll put my feet up’. But instead of that you get home and you write more songs than you’ve ever written in your life.”

The singer explained that a lot of the new songs, which are being rehearsed at the moment, have an “old-school Enemy” sound.