The Enemy name new album ‘for the people’

Coventry trio update fans on new record

The Enemy have announced the title of their second album.

The record will be called ‘Music For The People’, and will feature tracks including ‘Elephant Song’, ‘Don’t Break The Red Tape’ and ‘Sing When You’re In Love/Sing When You’re Out Of Love’, the band revealed on their blog.

The Enemy have yet to confirm a release date, but explained: “We feel like we have made a big step forward with this album and I can speak for all of us when I say how delighted we are with it all – really hope that you lot feel the same.

“We decided to go right back to basics with the recording and do it all on tape rather than computers which is how the vast majority of modern records are made, and as a result it sounds huge, like a proper old school rock record. But don’t worry – the bangers are very much still there, and hardcore Enemy fans will not be disappointed, I can assure you.”