Fans react to The Enemy vs Arctic Monkeys feud

Tom Clarke's comments divide the battle lines

The Enemy‘s Tom Clarke‘s comments branding Arctic Monkeys “dull” have caused a battle of words on the NME.COM -with fans taking both bands’ sides.

As previously reported, Clarke said he was “bitterly disappointed with” Arctic Monkeys’ 2007 album ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’.

Fans using MyNME to comment on the story have lashed out at both groups.


Rick 13, who agrees with Clarke, declared: “The Arctic Monkeys are overrated, so hats off to Tom Clarke for having the bottle to say anything about them.”

He then compared Clarke’s band to some musical giants of the past saying: “Personally to me The Enemy are a far better band and one of the best bands at the moment, their album is just plain British guitar music with so much heart and soul like Oasis or The Stone Roses.”

“Indietimmy” disagrees, saying: “What a very lame comment as if generic lad rock like their very own music isn’t dull, and besides The Enemy will be long forgotten by the time they get round to a second album. To conclude: The Enemy are lame.”

“Slidey” stayed on Arctic Monkeys‘ side, proclaiming: “The Arctics are, by miles, the best band around at the moment and deserve every award they get.”

“Oranges and Lemons” begs to differ though: “I agree with Tom. Their [Arctic Monkeys’] second album was rubbish and doesn’t deserve any award. Except for the album title which can be classed as mildly interesting, the album lacks any excitement except for the first 20 seconds of ‘Brianstorm’. Verdict: DULL.”

The verbal ball’s in your court Arctic Monkeys – have your say by posting a comment using MyNME below.


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