The Enemy’s Tom Clarke attacks ‘juvenile, inept and jealous’ journalists for calling him a hobbit

Singer posts angry rant on Twitter following Tolkien comparison

The Enemy‘s frontman Tom Clarke has launched an online rant at journalists who have compared him to a hobbit.

During the outburst, which was posted on Twitter, Clarke described journalists who commented on his appearance as “jealous, juvenile, inept, generally conformist morons”.

Clarke also said that, if he was given a pound for every time a journalist had compared him to one of the diminutive characters from JRR Tolkien’s novel, he would be able to “buy enough bullets to round them up and disfigure the lot of them”.


A fan had sent Clarke a link of a Time Out review of his band, in which they were described as “subtlety-deficient indie gnomes”. You can read his responses below.

If I had a pound for everytime a journalist called me a hobbit I could buy enough bullets to round them up and disfigure the lot of them.

— Tom Clarke (@tomclarke_enemy) September 9, 2014


Clarke’s Twitter rant has already garnered support from fellow indie musician Matt Bowman from The Pigeon Detectives. He sent Clarke a message stating: “If I add all my pounds to your pounds for every time they mention my curly hair in a negative tone.. we could buy a tank!”

The Enemy released their third studio album, ‘Streets In The Sky’, in July 2012.

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