The Fall’s Brix Smith-Start to publish memoir

'The Rise, The Fall & The Rise' is set for publication next year

Former member of The Fall, Brix Smith-Start, is set to publish her memoir.

The Rise, The Fall & The Rise is due for publication in early 2016 via Faber Social. Smith-Start was married to the band’s frontman Mark E Smith in the 1980s and features on the iconic group’s albums ‘The Weird And Frightening World Of’, ‘This Nation’s Saving Grace’, and ‘Bend Sinister’.

Born in Los Angeles as Laura Elisse Salenger, Smith-Start gave herself the name Brix after the Clash song ‘Guns Of Brixton’. She married Mark E Smith in 1983 and remained a member of The Fall until the couple’s separation in 1989.


Lee Brackstone, Creative Director of Faber Social, comments of the book: “Brix’s story from childhood to her time in The Fall and beyond is pure rock n roll. She is unflinching in her presentation of the facts, the highs, and the damage done on a journey that at times beggars belief. Her story is wild, transcendent, and redemptive. This promises to be one of the highlights of the Spring 2016 season for Faber Social.”

The book will also feature her relationship with Nigel Kennedy, as well as the day she spent as a member of Hole after auditioning as bass player following the death of Kristen Pfaff, in addition to covering her current career as a fashion expert and boutique owner.

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