The most prolific band in the Western world can't let the year go by without issuing a new LP...

THE FALL are set to release new album ‘UNUTTERABLE’ this November through EAGLE RECORDS, according the band’s official website [url=]

Eight of the 15 tracks from the album are named on the posting, each of them previewed by Fall keyboard player Julia Nagle.

The album will be the follow-up to 1999’s ‘The Marshall Suite’.


Fans eager to hear something of the new material ahead of release can find the track ‘Dr Buck’s Letter’ on the Wire Tapper CD given away free with October’s issue of Wire magazine, available in UK shops on September 26.

Nagle describes the song as “a musical masterpiece with slow, low bass loops. Lyrically it’s about a friend, a doctors letter and a magazine interview with a DJ”.

Meanwhile, The Fall play live this coming Friday (September 22) at London’s Royal Festival Hall as part of broadcasting legend John Peel’s final ever Peel Sessions live series. The band’s founder and driving force Mark E Smith will also be doing a reading at the Stanza 2000 Poetry Festival in St Andrews, Scotland at Victory Hall on October 6 at 10pm.

The tracklisting of songs mentioned on the website is as follows: ‘Cyber Insekt’ ‘ Two Librans’ ‘WB’ ‘Sons Of Temperance’ ‘Dr Bucks’ Letter’ ‘Hot June’ ‘Way Round’ ‘Ketamine Suns’

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