The Fall close Hammersmith Palais

It's an incident-packed end for the legendary London venue

The Hammersmith Palais finally closed last night (April 1) after an incident-packed gig from Manchester legends The Fall.

Although Saturday’s (March 31) gig by The Good, The Bad & The Queen was the official send-off for the legendary venue, The Fall‘s appearance on Sunday was confirmed before it was known that the building was to be sold.

However, The Fall‘s frontman Mark E Smith chose not to acknowledge the closure of the Palais during the band’s hour-long show, which was largely drawn from the band’s recent ‘Reformation Post TLC’ album. One audience member took offence at this perceived lack of respect for the passing of the venue made immortal in The Clash‘s ‘(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais’, and leapt onstage to launch an impromptu speech attacking Smith before eluding security and jumping into the crowd.

The final encore was cut short after security staff began bundling stage invaders into the wings, with Smith mock-hugging one bouncer in retaliation for the perceived heavy-handedness.

He ended ‘Reformation’ early and left the stage saying “Thank you for allowing us into your security area.”

Meanwhile, The Others frontman Dominic Masters, who watched the show, told NME.COM that he’d personally helped the last stage diver in the Hammersmith Palais onto the stage, and added “The Good, The Bad & The Queen yesterday, they billed it as the last ever gig. I’m not knocking Damon Albarn, I love the guy from The Clash (Paul Simonon), but I think The Fall was the most fitting way to go out.”

After the show, some fans tried to pull down light fittings to take home as souvenirs, while others danced to Justice vs Simian‘s smash ‘We Are Your Friends’ by way of a farewell.

The Fall Played:

‘Senior Twilight Stock Replacer’

‘Pacifying Joint’

‘Fall Sound’

‘Over! Over!’

‘Theme From Sparta FC’

‘Hungry Freaks, Daddy!’

‘Wrong Place Right Time’

‘My Door Is Never’

‘The Wright Stuff’

‘White Lightning’