Fiery Furnaces’ Matthew Friedberger issues response to Beck ‘Harry Partch’ song

Friedberger criticises Beck for giving away from song online

Fiery Furnaces Matthew Friedberger has issued a new verbal attack on Beck, in response to him uploading his song ‘Harry Partch’ online yesterday (November 19).

Friedberger originally laid into Radiohead in an interview earlier this month, calling the band “bogus” and stating his dislike for their tribute song to war veteran Harry Patch.

A further blog saw Friedberger attack Beck, who yesterday responded by uploading new track ‘Harry Partch’ to as a free download.


Now Friedberger has written a new MySpace blog, seemingly in response to Beck‘s song, in which he stated that the feud is imaginary.

“Doesn’t this imaginary feud demand imaginary responses? And therefore, imaginary response songs? Shouldn’t we step – isn’t now the time to ascend – from the merely virtual to the boldly imaginary?” he wrote.

Later in the blog, Friedberger appeared to criticise Beck for releasing the song digitally.

“So as we all move forward, shouldn’t we admit that posting songs on the internet – being virtual, in other words – is so last year? So to speak. Isn’t that what every music management company intern from Northeastern recommends that bands do? That can’t be right.”