Fiery Furnaces’ Eleanor Friedberger: ‘We’re not in a feud with Radiohead’

But bandmate Matthew Friedberger definitely isn't a fan...

Fiery FurnacesEleanor Friedberger has denied the band are in a feud with Radiohead, despite bandmate and brother Matthew laying into Thom Yorke and co twice last week.

Matthew Friedberger originally called Radiohead ‘bogus’, and the band followed it up with a statement on their MySpace declaring that the guitarist ‘is not a fan of Radiohead and their various chartbusters’.

Now both siblings have spoken again about the spat, though Eleanor was quick to state that “it’s not a feud”. She also confirmed that Radiohead have not been in contact with the New Yorkers.


Her brother played down the importance of his outbursts, though he again used the opportunity to state his dislike for the band.

“It’s just kinda nonsense,” he told

He added: “In a long interview, I was saying, ‘Can you be negative about other bands? And which bands would you pick to be negative about where it wouldn’t hurt their feelings or influence them?’ And I said, ‘Well, Radiohead would be one. No one would care. It wouldn’t affect them if you said Radiohead sucked.’ And then I went on to say how you might say Radiohead suck…

“I actually don’t like Radiohead. I don’t have any regard for them, positive or negative. Which, I guess, is negative.”

Friedberger also reportedly joked that he was originally going to apologise for his quotes by saying he was due to enter rehab and therefore wasn’t thinking straight.

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