The Flaming Lips name new double album

Band lining up two-disc release for the autumn

The Flaming Lips have revealed that they have named their forthcoming album ‘Embryonic’.

Frontman Wayne Coyne said the band’s 12th studio album, which is set to be a two-disc set, is set for release in the autumn.

The singer likened the recording sessions for the follow-up to their 2006 album ‘At War With The Mystics’ to working in a kitchen.

“I think it must be like being a cook in the kitchen you’re preparing this great thing but by the time it’s ready you’re sick of it because you’ve been smelling it, you’ve got it in your hair and in your fingers and all that,” he told BBC 6 Music.

Coyne said that although the album has a title, the band are yet to name all the songs and put a tracklisting together.

He said that the reason was, “because we want to go in so many strange directions and sometimes we’re unfocused and sometimes we’re just so wishy washy”.