Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne: ‘I don’t like Oasis’

Singer also hates Arctic Monkeys, Duffy and Razorlight

The Flaming Lips‘ frontman Wayne Coyne has said he doesn’t like Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, Razorlight or Duffy.

Coyne, speaking to The Daily Star, revealed that he thinks the artists are too British for him to relate to them properly.

“I’ve never got Arctic Monkeys – they seem too much like a British thing to me. They’re like Oasis whereby Americans can’t really relate to them,” he said. “Lots of British people like it but not for me, and I don’t like Razorlight or Duffy much either.”

Coyne said he doesn’t hate all British bands though.

“I prefer Radiohead – they deserve to win a Grammy. And I’m still a fan of Amy Winehouse but hope she doesn’t become too much of a drug addict.”