The Flaming Lips get street named after them

Oklahoma natives receive city honour

The Flaming Lips have had an alley named in their honour in their hometown of Oklahoma City in a vote from the City Council on Tuesday (December 5).

The alley is located in Bricktown, the city’s blossoming entertainment and restaurant district, but previous reports suggested that the previously unnamed alley was far from salubrious, with the Oklahoman newspaper describing it as “littered with open dumpsters and poorly lit at night”.

According to the Associated Press, however, the band hope that it might incite some creativity in the area. “I could see people sneaking in during the middle of the night doing graffiti art,” frontman Wayne Coyne said of the alley. “I can see all kinds of strange things going on there.”

The Flaming Lips formed in Oklahoma City in 1983, and despite experiencing worldwide success have remained loyal residents of their hometown. In the past, Coyne has proudly taken fellow rock star pals including Coldplay on personal tours around the city.

“Even though we want to play Los Angeles or London, we weren’t doing it to say we don’t like where we came from,” said Coyne.

Oklahoma natives country singer Vince Gill and jazz musician Charlie Christian also had streets named after them in the city.

–By our New York staff.

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